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Bradley Pitt at Pitt Real Estate Charlottesville
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Little known fact about you: I used to go to stage school for acting, singing and dancing when I was younger. I really was going to be the next Brad Pitt!

Favorite Local Restaurant: Milan Indian Restaurant.

Dream House: An old brick faced townhome with an ultra-modern interior in the heart of any downtown (I love mixing old and new).

Bradley Pitt

Founder of Pitt Real Estate

In his seven years in residential real estate, Brad has helped over 400 families find the home that is right for them. Brad stands out as being honest and straight to the point. He knows the real estate process and lays everything out on the table so that his clients feel confident about the home they choose. Throughout the process, his clients quickly find that Brad is extremely organized, clear with communicating his strategy or solution to a problem, and available at all hours of the day to make sure the client receives top-notch service.

Born in London England, Brad moved to the U.S. in 2012. He left home looking for a challenge- he wanted to push himself to achieve all he could. With that mentality, he dove into the highly competitive commercial real estate market of Washington D.C. Brad thrived in this position and learned a lot about what makes a good deal. However, he felt a switch to residential real estate would be more fulfilling because he could use his skills to help people make one of the most important decisions in their life, buying a home.

In 2016 Brad started working in residential real estate. He was attracted to Charlottesville because the beautiful landscape and welcoming small-town feel fit the lifestyle he had imagined for himself. Looking forward, Brad is excited to continue helping people make Charlottesville home.


Favorite thing about Charlottesville? The sunsets. They never get old!   

Your idea of perfect day? Hiking with my three sisters  

Dream House? Modern Farmhouse

Rebecca Linville

Real Estate Assistant

A native of West Virginia and graduate of WVU School of Business, Rebecca now embraces Charlottesville as her home. She fell in love with the area's breathtaking beauty and incredible, hospitable community. Rebecca's business education and her enthusiastic, can-do attitude coupled with her attention to detail is key to her ability to meet client's expectations. As a member of the Keller Williams Realty family and assistant to Bradley Pitt, Rebecca looks forward to helping clients find the perfect home.

Minimal Design Bathroom

Work with us

Bradley Pitt is one of those most successful real estate agents in Charlottesville, Virginia and has helped over 400 families find the home that is right for them.

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